Travel to Prizren

Travel to Prizren

When you stroll around the city, you can see the engineering of the Byzantine and Ottoman realms. In particular, on the off chance that you visit Chadrevan Square, you will experience numerous excellent Ottoman structures alongside various fine eateries.

Most of the occupants of the city of Prizren are of Albanian starting point, yet there is additionally a vast Turkish people group.

Prizren is protected to visit and appreciates an exceptionally low wrongdoing rate. As a traveler you will discover a lot of welcome and love from local people.

Best time to visit

For the most pleasant trek to Prizren, specialists prescribe visiting in pre-summer, summer or late-summer, and the long periods of June and September are especially great, as you can likewise do some climbing in the adjacent mountains.

Access to Prizren

In Pristina, there is a focal transport station through which you can without much of a stretch move to every single other city and towns in Kosovo. At this transport stop you will discover timetables that as of now work transports as indicated by them, ticket costs are the equivalent for local people and the transport from Pristina to Prizren is an hour and a half.

Best places to visit in Prizren

Palace of Prizren

The Prizren Castle is a standout amongst the most lovely sights of Prizren, not just due to its advantaged area at the foot of the Sar Mountains in the focal point of the city, its enchanting perspectives on the city and its delightful characteristic landscape, yet additionally the brilliant chances to investigate the city's rich history.

The manor is a 20-minute stroll from the focal point of Prezern, and goes back to the sixth century and is open 24 hours. It very well may be visited at no expense.

Breezern Bath

The Prizren Bath can be visited just all things considered, where the structure comprises of a few low block arches worked in the early Ottoman time. It was a shower until 1944, and at present the washroom is an image of Brezren's social legacy.

Mosque of Sinan Pasha

The biggest mosque in Prizren commands the city's horizon. The Minaret Tower is one of the city's tallest structures and has in excess of 50 windows, and it has an awesome plan and delightful landscape, so don't miss it.

The old stone extension on the Bistrica River


Seeing an old stone scaffold in the Balkans is nothing unexpected, yet this antiquated stone extension in Prizren has incredible security. The antiquated stone extension in Prizren goes back to the sixteenth century however was later obliterated amid the flood and revamped in 1980.

The stroll on this scaffold offers you the chance to find the wonder of the city's history with a unique perspective on the old city with its delightful noteworthy lanes and enchanting structures that can not be looked at.

Shadrvan Square


Sherfan is the city's fundamental field, with numerous significant occasions occurring amid the late spring, more than some other time, and maybe much progressively terrific, encompassed by various eateries and bistros, just as frozen yogurt shops.

Scharfanden Square is an incredible spot to sit and have espresso, lunch and see the city around you. The wellspring in the focal point of the square is a noteworthy get-together point amid the sweltering summer evening.

Chara territory


When it is clear of the city's roads, you will go to Chara with its rough mountains and magnificent national park, a wonderful zone only a short drive from Prizren. Appreciate the wonder of mountain hovels, towns on slopes, crests, valleys, icy masses and streams, just as springs and cascades. Numerous creatures are additionally various.

In the event that you would prefer not to visit this zone alone, there are a scope of ecological and social visits sorted out by nearby organizations where you can cycle in the mountains and appreciate climbing and shake ascending, consolidating some elating exercises and medium-term remains in mountain hovels or In straightforward convenience in the town.

Shopping in the city

In the city of Prizren there are numerous delightful gifts with conventional painstaking work, alongside floor coverings and weavings, which you will discover among the old town slows down where local people pitch them to travelers from the city.

Best lodging nearby


Lodging Kacinari will be your first decision when you are in Prizren, particularly with its expansive and agreeable rooms and cordial staff. The inn additionally has an incredible area in the downtown area with an assortment of extraordinary administrations including cooling and Wi-Fi .. For direct reservations crosswise over Bocking from here.

Arranged in the focal point of the city, inside strolling separation of many beguiling attractions, the Prizreni is likewise exceptionally famous among guests to the city, on account of its delightful area and picturesque perspectives, just as great administrations and offices to fulfill the guests.

Published on: 5/14/19, 9:35 PM